ABC/Image Group LAIt’s been almost a year since Jimmie Allen scored his first number one last November with his debut, “Best Shot.” But the Delaware native’s now enjoying the top-25 success of his follow-up single.

‘Make Me Want To’ is really just about a song about someone having feelings, catching ’em fast and not being ashamed to say [so],” Jimmie explains. “I think being being vulnerable is cool.”

“And, you know, when you have feelings for someone else, or when you want to be with them, tell ’em…” he adds. “That’s really what the song is.”

As grateful as Jimmie is for the success of “Best Shot,” he’s happy to pick up the pace a bit with “Make Me Want To.”

“I’m excited to have an uptempo [single], because that’s more of a representation of my live show,” he tells ABC Radio. “Because [of] ‘Best Shot,’ people would come to a show and say, ‘I didn’t expect that,’” he laughs. “Because you hear ‘Best Shot,’ it’s such a ballad.”

“But at my shows, you might get two slow songs, maybe,” Jimmie says. “Everything else, I’m like jumping off of stuff, flipping off of stuff, you know, running around in the crowd, trying to keep it up.” (AUDIO IS ABC 1-ON-1) 

Jimmie’s keeping the energy up with two performances Thursday at one of his favorite places: Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. He’s playing the Eat to the Beat series during Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival. 

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