Jon Pardi: The New 2 Step King

Everyone knows how much I talk about country music songs which are perfect for dancing.  2 step, half step, waltz;  no matter the dancing addiction, Jon Pardi has the drug…great country music.

Jon Pardi is doing well with his new single “Heartache on the Dancefloor”.  It became his latest number-one single over the weekend, knocking Dustin Lynch down to number 2 and country music veteran, Kenny Chesney down to number 3.  He is also up for 2, well deserved CMA awards.

This particular blog is about Jon Pardi, but I would like to recognize a few other that are in the same ball park as Jon Pardi.  In other words, playing some good ole’ honky tonk music.  I like Midland for reasons that are obvious.  William Micheal Morgan with “Missing”.  Chris Young, Aaron Watson, Josh Abbot Band and more.  All of these guys are taking part in this thread of traditional country that I believe will weave it’s way back into mainstream.  It is no longer a pipe dream…hopefully.

The thing I like the most about Jon Pardi is the fact that I could belly up to a bar, listen to his music, and feel right.  I like country music songs to tell a story and to fit my environment.  I love songs that are about losing a love, drinking, your dog, neon lights, dancing, etc…you know all of the stereotypes!  It’s basically my life!  Most of us like to relate to songs and Jon Pardi seems to nail it every time.

A lot of us live the life that these artist are singing about.  But I feel that some of these new artists like Jon Pardi and the others I mentioned previously are reaching out to an audience that has been upset with the direction of country music over the years.  You have to respect a guy that is doing that.

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