Insta Poll: Which Merle Haggard Song Inspired Keith Urban’s “Coming Home” Guitar Lick?

Don’t google this!  Unless you know nothing about Merle Haggard.  Only you can google.  For those of you who are familiar with Merle Haggard music, I’d like it very much if you did not google the answer.  Listen closely to the guitar lick that is repeated throughout the song.  It comes in right after the piano intro.  I should have spoke on this when it crossed my mind.  However, for some reason I did not do that.  The first time I heard the intro to “Coming Home”, the first thing that came to mind was a particular Merle Haggard tune.  Turns out I was right!  Which is rare.

Keith Urban has topped the charts with this Merle Haggard inspired song.  Merle is also credited as a song writer on the album.  Give credit where credit is due!  Keith Urban did get the blessing of the Haggard family before recording and he played this particular Haggard tune in Australia while in cover bands.

I want to know if you can guess which Merle Haggard song inspired Keith Urban’s “Coming Home”.

I will be giving the correct answer on the air just before 7:00!  If you guess correctly, you win!  But I have nothing to give so you just win.  Congrats!

Which Merle Haggard song inspired "Coming Home" by Keith Urban?

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