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Kelli D’Angelo Bio


Monterey High School
Texas Tech University

Pre law, but fell in love with radio

Worked mornlngs in Lubbock, Austin, Dallas, Chicago, San Francisco, back to Austin, then home to Lubbock.  Part of Jeff, Kelli and Mudflap since December 12th, 2005.  Our show is intended to make people laugh.  It is truly contagious!

Love to…..spend time with family, friends and animals……snow ski….write and paint.  Have written 2 screenplays (haven’t we all?)  both represented, but not sold.  Sky dived a few years ago, and wish to again!  I work out and jog, and kick a stick while jogging at Tech Terrace Park.
Love the mountains!  Fascinated by great white sharks and

Once did stand up comedy with Jerry Springer at The Funny Firm in Chicago

A-Z of Kelli D’angelo

[A] Available: For what? .
[B] Best concert: )  Harry Connick, Jr , who performed at a private Christmas party.
[C] Current clothing: Winter year round for mornings in the cold studio.  This time of year, shorts, tank tops and blouses for the afternoon.  Little black dress, and “going out clothes”.
[D] Dirty little secret: )  I talk to myself, without moving my mouth, while shopping at the grocery store.  And I’ve been CAUGHT by other shoppers!
[E] Eat at the most: Orlando’s on Q
[F] Favorite band: At the moment, The Band Perry
[G] Gummy bears or worms: At the moment, The Band Perry
[H] Hometown: Lubbock, TX
[I] If I weren’t in radio: I’d be a horse trainer
[J] Junk food: Subway’s steak, cheese and bacon melt
[K] Killer radio moment: Warning of a tornado on the ground, and having a pizza delivery man call me the next day and tell me he heard the warning just in time to take cover in a ditch.  His car and pizzas were found a mile down the road.  Power of radio!
[L] Listen to me: I’d rather listen to you.
[M] Music to chill to: Kenny Chesney’s “Road and the Radio”
[N] Number of siblings: 2
[O] One wish: To have more than one wish.  One wish is too few.  To end sickness….to go to The Kentucky Derby wearing a big hat….to see my Mom again….to climb a mountain….hike Glacier National Park….etc., etc.,
[P] Person you’d love to meet:  Mary, Mother of Jesus.  How in the world did she endure all the shame and ridicule from people who did not believe she’d done nothing wrong?
[Q] Quantum Physics: Forget it, I was a history major
[R] Reason to smile: an amazing sky
[S] Start in radio:  A mentor gave me a break
[T] Time you wake up: 4am
[U] Underrated band: Eli Young Band
[V] Vacation: Estes Park, Colorado
[W] Website you rely on: Cafe Mom; The Stir
[X] X-rays you’ve had: The better question is, x rays I’ve NOT had.  Many broken bones since I was a child.  Daredevil.
[Y] Your favorite country artists:  The Band Perry, Katy Perry, Alisha Keyes, Fergie, Kenny Chesney, George, Miranda Lambert, Kacey Musgraves, Dierks Bentley, Sting, Beyonce’, 5 for Fighting, Queen Latifah
[Z] Zodiac sign: Taurus