Black River EntertainmentNot only will Kelsea Ballerini’s new single, “homecoming queen?” arrive on Friday —  complete with missing capitalization and an added question mark — its music video is coming too.

CMT announced via its socials it’ll host the video’s world premiere on Friday. The tease also includes a 24-second clip of the video, though you don’t get to hear any of the song.

In the tease, Kelsea walks away from the stage of her recent Miss Me More Tour as the crowd cheers. Wearing a red dress and carrying a rose, she opens the door and walks into her dressing room, where you can see a lighted makeup table, more flowers, and a black-and-silver spangled outfit.

Kelsea also unveiled the single’s artwork on Thursday as well: it’s a simple photograph — reminiscent of a school picture — that shows her staring into the camera with a serious expression, wearing a short-sleeved off-the-shoulder black top.

There’s also new merch on Kelsea’s site to match the new single: a “hey, homecoming queen” white t-shirt, a “zipping up the mess” makeup bag, and an “even the homecoming queen cries” notebook set.

You can also buy the “question mark color changing mug” that Kelsea sent out earlier this week to tease the new song.

Hopefully, we’ll all understand these “homecoming queen?” references when the single drops at 12:01 a.m. ET on Friday.

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