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Ken Domash’s life story is a proof of the strength of passion, artistry and determination. Brought up in St. Louis, his path has involved several artistic pursuits that have ranged from architecture to music all along being grounded by the love and support of his wife and family.

While growing up in St. Louis, Ken Domash’s inclination towards art began at an early age. Despite having attended Chaminade and Vianney high schools, he was able to pursue his talents outside class. In fact, while still in high school, he learned art at Washington University. He also nurtured his skills as a magician.

Speaking of magic, the music show you see today from Ken on stage came from watching Lance Burton perform and the ease he made magic work.

Ken’s dad always told him “…you know Kenny, need to have a theme with whatever you’re doing.” Ken has kept those words close to his heart and no matter what he does, he always has a theme, in design, in music and in life.

At Maryville University, Domash channeled his creativity into a practical field, pursuing interior design. When he has someone tells him their design dreams, he starts to free draw. It’s easy for him to take their visions and put it on paper. He can see their dreams. It’s just what he does.

Even though architectural endeavors were successful, Domash’s love for music grew. Despite not having music as a prominent presence in his upbringing, music found him later in life. He loves the music of Billy Gibbons, Foghat, Elvis, and Luke Combs.

His first album, “4 THE RIDE,” released in 2009, marked the beginning of his musical career, featuring tracks like “Saddle Up” and “All Bled Out.” Subsequent albums, including the chart-topping “COUNTRIFIED” in 2010 and his latest release “WELCOME TO MY RODEO,” showcase his evolution as an artist.

Beyond his artistic pursuits, family remains at the core of Domash’s life. His wife has been an integral part of his life journey. She has been supportive by managing various aspects of all his ventures. Together, they have built a loving home and raised three children filled with card games, music and love.

For Domash, music, architecture, and family are not separate elements of his life but interwoven threads that enrich his life. His goal is to make you think, laugh or cry. Music, architecture and family. A life full of singing, loving and making magic for his fans and family.

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