Kenny Chesney Felt ‘Social Anxiety’ After Renee Zellweger Split

Kenny Chesney is reflecting on his split from Renee Zellweger.   As much as the singer seeks an emotional connection to fans through his music, he also likes to keep the specifics of his personal life private — especially when it comes to his romantic relationships.    During a Q&A Chesney explained why he keeps some elements of his life out of the public eye, admitting that the media attention surrounding his four-month 2005 marriage to actor Renee Zellweger took a toll on him.    “What is interesting is we were playing stadiums already, and after that…I didn’t have social anxiety before that, [but] then you add our success and then you add that to your life and you have a little bit of social anxiety,” Chesney details. “One of the reasons I’m so private is when my life started to change and people started caring at a different level, the only thing I could keep to myself was the intimate details of my life. Everything else is fair game.”


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