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Monday night, we’ll meet the new man in Lauren Alaina‘s life: Not her boyfriend, but her partner on Dancing with the Stars. For the first time, the pairs won’t be revealed this season until the premiere.

Lauren’s motivation to compete came when she sang on DWTS.

“Watching them dance to my song, like, changed my life,” she tells ABC Radio. “I was like, “… I’ve got to be on the show.”

“It reminded me so much of my time on American Idol,” Lauren continues, “and I could tell all the dancers were like family, and I miss that… And a lot of the people who worked on… Idol work on DWTS, so I saw a bunch of people I knew.”

But this is much different than when she was runner-up on American Idol‘s tenth season, in 2011.

“I went into… Idol with a skill that I feel really comfortable with,” she explains. “I’ve sung my whole life. So doing those live performances, it was nerve-racking, but I felt comfortable… singing.”

“I’m gonna go into this show with something I’ve never done in my whole life,” Lauren admits. “So, hopefully, I’ll pick it up naturally because I don’t know how to dance.”

If DWTS doesn’t work out, Lauren’s still focused on her day job.

“I just got into the studio and recorded five songs,” she reveals. “I’ve been getting my mixes back, so I’m very excited. We’re gonna put a new single out sometime… before the end of the year.”

But Lauren may be fibbing about her dancing experience.

“I can twerk. And drop it… If they want me to shake my booty, I can do that,” she laughs.

Find out how Lauren fares when Dancing with the Stars premieres tonight at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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