PBSWith their retro sound and throwback looks, it’s no surprise Midland is plenty excited about Sunday’s premiere of the much-anticipated Country Music documentary by noted filmmaker Ken Burns.

“I think the first person that we heard about it from was Garth Brooks,” Jess Carson recalls. “We went over and did a thing with him in his studio and he was talking about it.”

“I remember [thinking] ‘Ken Burns and Country Music!’” he continues. “Because we watch all the Ken Burns documentaries as it is. So the idea of pairing Ken Burns with Country Music is just like sci-fi. It’s like too good to be true.”

Even if you’re a country music history buff, Jess believes you’ll discover something new.

“I can’t wait… Anyone I think is gonna learn about new people,” he explains. “You might know [Country Music Hall of Famer] Jimmie Rodgers. But who influenced Jimmie Rodgers? … Or who did he like at that time?”

“So it’s like you learn so much,” Jess adds, “you get a new playlist, and it’s Ken Burns, so he’s gonna be able to find all of the footage that you’ve never seen… And it’s gonna be great.”

Jess and his band mates Mark Wystrach and Cameron Duddy currently have a top-25 country hit with “Mr. Lonely,” the lead single from their #1 country album, Let It Roll.

The first installment of Ken Burns’ sixteen-hour Country Music epic premieres Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on PBS.

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