Life Changes


If you have been following me on social media, I’m sure that you already know, I have got an amazing boyfriend. In fact he has been a life changing boyfriend.

In fact we’ve done lots of things that people might think are odd for a couple to do, like go out into the wilderness and hunt. But we actually hunt quiet a bit.

And it all started with a pig…

I took a risk and decided to venture out to the middle of no where with this guy, just to get a break. I’m a country girl and my cell phone dropping reception is my idea of really getting a break. Boyfriend, before he was boyfriend wanted me to go out with him to his families ranch and just enjoy a weekend.

One weekend turned into a lot more.

It turned into fishing trips…

And exotic hunts…

A new found love for archery and archery hunting…

It turned into my first time bird hunting… Which I still need to work at.

Then it turned into my first deer…

These life changes even came with a couple of dogs who act just like brothers.

One thing that was always said in the beginning was that boyfriend will always take me as long as I want to go. I love going with him, there is something about it that I know only the right people will understand.

There is something about growing up in the middle of no where that makes the middle of nowhere feel like home.

But life changes, and it evolves into different things, and we have reached a very important final evolution…

Well, in the dating world.

You see, he is no longer boyfriend, but he has become fiance.

On October 7th, my boyfriend asked me to become his wife.

It wasn’t this over thought, crazy proposal. In fact I had grunged out for work that day and had my hair pulled up on top of my head, my comfy pants on, and a soft long sleeve shirt, with sandals and the bare essentials when it came to makeup, I seriously think I had put on foundation, eyeliner, mascara, and I filled in my brows. I was not overly dressed or even kind of prepared for what was going to happen.

I walked in the house and we were talking, then boyfriend gets on one knee and asks me if I will marry him. I said yes of course!

Afterwards he told me that he figured he was going to have to ask soon, because his mom kept asking if he had given me the ring yet. He was afraid she was going to get tired of waiting and propose for him. Ha! She wouldn’t really do that, but what ever he needed to push up that ask date.

So now I am on the road from being a Miss to a Mrs. And I honestly couldn’t be more excited.




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