Light ‘Em Up

“Light ’em up”…we’ve all heard the term used before. It’s been used in movies, conversation and even in songs. In fact I believe Fall Out Boy popularized the term with their chart topping song. It’s actually a great work out song. Its gets you fired up…

I digress.

I bring up this term because I see it a lot in the hunting community pages I follow. It is usually used when a hunter is being attacked for a legal kill. People are being shamed for something that is well within their legal right to do… About that.

99% of the time I leave it alone. I’m sure this is an age old debate between people to hunt or not to hunt, that is the real question. I have never felt the need to get involved, because you’re gonna do what you want to do despite my opinion and vice versa. But to shame someone, that takes on a whole different story. Especially when you shame a kid.

Do I have your attention now?

I am a member of a private group on Facebook. It’s a bunch of hunters in Texas that share stories, advice, and the places that we like to hunt. Yes we post kills, but we also watch out for other hunters. Recently in the hunting community we trolled the PETA facebook “shoot selfies not animals” frame. Hunters all over Facebook, took this frame and plastered it over our kills. I of course had to get in on the fun. So I framed up my deer that I killed last bow season.

Then the frame came down for a little while while it made the rounds through the hunting community and destroyed PETA’s good guy image. They replaced it with another frame which I thought was less funny.

But if you want to see the excessive damage the hunting community did to the shoot selfies campaign, hop on Instagram and search that hashtag. Warning… there are lots of dead animals on the hashtag.

Now, I normally don’t take this on, but this frame thing was just laughable to me and it was such a large movement in the hunting community, I decided to jump in. But, let’s be real honest if I jumped up every time an animal rights group was taking a hunter to task, I would spend more time behind my keyboard than I would hunting.

If you want to know how I feel about hunting check out my blog called, Why Hunters Aren’t VilliansI look at hunting and the things that are in place to help keep animal populations up and what a responsible hunter looks like.

If you want to know what I think about the uneducated among us making broad statements about hunting, check out Stupidity Is Not An Asset This one just speaks for itself.

Then yesterday night I was scrolling through my news feed and on the page that I follow as a hunter there was a call to light ’em up. This was the post that followed.

I hope this young man one day he understands what he has done. So its time to teach life lesson and light fire in his…

Posted by Wolf World – Yellowstone on Thursday, September 21, 2017

The full caption reads, “I hope this young man one day he understands what he has done. So its time to teach life lesson and light fire in his young brain. This boy is in Wyoming but again in trophy zone of Yellowstone park. Hope he likes his mug plastered before a big audience…

This Just in From Dubois Wyoming They are loacted in the Trophy area surrounding the Park!! PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE Quickly to lend strength to our petition for the 50km Sacred Resource Protection Safety Zone surrounding not only Yellowstone but All National Parks

This is trophy hunting and nothing more…..”

Earlier I had posted about kids being used to advance people’s initiatives in, Where Is Your Child. I look at a rapper that hung a child in a video… to get a point across. This video was brought to my attention, because there were people asking for this video to be taken down and to leave children out of it. Make sure you read my full thoughts on the video.

So while my hunter friends went and lit up this page, I stopped and thought, let’s really give this page the love it deserves. Here is my lovingly composed open letter to Wolf World- Yellowstone.

Dear Wolf World- Yellowstone,

While you might be thinking that I am your typical hunter and all I want to do is post dead things on your wall and try to shame you into stepping back. I assure you I am not that hunter. I am simply an educated woman who learns new things everyday. 

I grew up in a house hold that would go hunting when there was time for it. My father was always too busy with harvest trying to support his family to take much time off to just go sit and enjoy God’s creation around him. But he taught me about the beauty that is in everything, from the fauna to the flora. I see the beauty that is out in nature. While one thing that you and I will agree on is the majestic nature of wildlife you and I will never see eye to eye on hunting. 

You see I came into this hunting game late in life. My husband introduced me to it and I love it. It has nothing to do with thrill killing, or a blood lust that you think all hunters have, or even this need to fill a trophy room. I hunt because I love sitting in the quiet and seeing things in person that most people only see in books. You see society has become so entranced in our gadgets and electronics that we often forget to just sit and take in the beauty of the things around us. 

The picture of this child that you have posted to hopefully shame into… actually I’m not real sure what the ultimate goal of your shaming tactics are, which tells me that your plan of attack on this is poorly thought out at best. What you have ended up doing is calling up a lot of men and women who do the same this kid does. We hunt to help feed our families, we hunt to enjoy time in the outdoors and we hunt to help the animal populations. 

I know that you are wondering how hunters are helping the animal populations? If it wasn’t for hunters, hunting wolves soon there would be other species running the risk of extinction. This would include deer, elk, moose, pretty much anything a wolf can hunt, and when the food dries up that creates a whole new set of problems.

Let me tell you what I see in this photo. I see a child who has the ability to sit still and wait, which is done often in hunting, and a rarity in society. If you choose to actually ever invest in a conversation with a hunter you will learn that for every kill there are hours of planning, preparing and waiting.

I also see an ethical kill. I did some research and in Montana you have to purchase special tags for every wolf you kill. You also have a limit of 5 tags per hunter. This wolf doesn’t have a tracking collar that is important to information pertaining the management and research of the wolf populace in the area. I see a wolf that was taken in a legal area and more than likely reported, which is also something that hunters have to do with every wolf they kill. If this wolf was taken in Wyoming, no special tags are needed because they are categorized as a predator with in that state. Also there is no bag limit during season. Kills must also be reported in Wyoming and according to the wildlife and fishing department of Wyoming website wolves are a hard kill with a 1-2% success rate. Which tells me that this kid worked hard for this kill. 

I know what your thinking, has she killed a wolf before? No, I have not. But all of that information I just gave you I was able to come up with, with a google search for laws pertaining to hunting game in that area of the country. All part of that preparing thing I mentioned. Hunters research the area, the laws, and the animals. You might be asking how do I know that this was reported? I guarantee you that in order for this child to post this on what ever social media you pulled it from, they had to do their due diligence as an ethical hunter, before that photo was posted. You see Game Wardens all over this country take their job seriously and have issued tickets, because of something on Facebook. So I’m sure that things are on the up and up.

The last thing I want to leave you with is this. I scrolled through the comments on this post and noticed that you repeatedly were telling hunters that they are “the problem”… this is incorrect. You see oh great and mighty keyboard warrior, you are actually the problem. You are using a child to perpetuate your agenda. So who is really the monster in this? The child who killed a predator? Or the adult who put this child out there for other adults, to shame, berate and belittle?

I am asking that you reconsider your actions and remove this post as a good faith gesture. I then suggest you take your fight up with those of us who will be able to help. I suggest talking to your congressional representatives as a start.

I firmly believe it takes a special person to sink to the level of child harassment to perpetuate the message of their cause. If I’m being really honest, I have no desire to listen to a cause that takes that route. Which defeats the purpose of your actions, doesn’t it?


A Responsible Hunter






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