ABC/Image Group LAIt might seem like a challenge to get four band mates on the same page for every musical decision, but after two decades together, Little Big Town say they’re pretty good at operating as a unit. 

In a new installment of The Big Interview, the band tells Dan Rather that over the years, they’ve honed what they call their “collective gut.” Now, the group’s policy is not to make any moves as a band unless they can unanimously agree to do so. 

“We either all have the same feeling this is the right thing to do, and often the gut says this is the wrong thing to do,” quartet member Kimberly Schlapman explains. “If we’re not all collective in that, we don’t do it.” 

“We always said we would check our ego at the door when we started this band, and we did that,” adds Phillip Sweet. “I feel like I’m so rewarded, artistically, by being able to not only create things that I dream individually, but the things we collectively work on together.”

Little Big Town’s interview will air on Wednesday, November 6 at 8PM ET on AXS TV.

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