Livin’ In The 40’s

Remember the blog I wrote about jumping back to any period of time for a week?  If you do not remember, search through my blogs for a second and review it.  This was one of my time periods.  The 40’s.

It was a great time for music, dancing and fashion was awesome.  Everyone wore the same thing!  Living the 1940’s lifestyle would be difficult to do.  No more smartphones or high definition television.  All of this modern technology just adds to our stress level anyway.

So, living in the 40’s would be a great way to decompress.  Purge if you will.  Listening to records instead of watching tv.  Wearing a suit and tie instead of blue jeans and a t-shirt.  Buy some cheap suits and you’re in business.

If I were going to do this, I think I would save some money before hand, book a trip to Chicago, and kick this whole 40’s lifestyle off on State Street.  Chicago in the 40’s?  doesn’t get much better.  Just ask Frank Sinatra.

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