There’s a new sub genre in town and it’s name is Lubbock Country, so write that down!  If you’re looking for something that still has a Texas feel without the tired “modern day outlaw country music” attitude, Jordan Robert Kirk is the one for you!  If you want something that’s  far from Nashville Country but can still run with the big boys of Nashville if necessary, Jordan Robert Kirk could do that.  The views in this vlog do not necessarily reflect the views of Jordan Robert Kirk or Alpha Media!

THIS is Lubbock Country.

I like the music in general because it has the ability to tap into multiple Country music sub-genres like Texas Country and Nashville Country!  I like “Hi Ho Rita” because it’s a true story about an ex-girlfriend.  It’s real life experience and we can all relate to that!  Those Senorita’s are just extra tough.   Also, Jordan Robert Kirk’s stage presence is good and that’s important.  I see a very unsuspecting performer in Jordan Robert Kirk for multiple reasons but he’s a full time farmer, has manners and has what seems to be a good sense of modern life and respect for the ones that came before us, so he has roots.  That shows when he hits the mic and when he starts singing, his stage personality comes out but not too much.  It’s great balance of a completely natural performance and a rehearsed performance, which was cool to watch in the studio.  His vocals are clean but rough, his style is sharp with a blue collar statement (I made that up), and the mustache is the new beard so keep it.  Forget beards.  I’m tired of trendy beards.  Well done JRK!

“You’re only as good as your worst musician!”-unknown

That is a very true statement and I don’t see it in Jordan Robert Kirk’s band.  These guys are all very good musicians.  The base is killer,  acoustic lead is sharp, and the fiddle is outta sight.  Pay attention to this band if you would, they are good!  I also noticed that these guys are perfectionists and it’s paying off.

The Band:

Jordan Robert KirkBanjo/Rhythm guitar

Judson Eddins – Lead guitar

David Martin – Fiddle

Sean Frankhouser – Double bass/Harmonies

I pay attention Frankhouser’s bass line because it hits hard, it’s right on time and he multi-tasks well.  David Martin’s Fiddle is smooth, classic and the dude is just a professional!  Judson Eddins on the lead guitar had just the right sound with control and that takes practice.  Especially when in an acoustic setting like this.  They have all had a lot of practice and I’m proud to be part of it.

Keep your head on a swivel because I will have two more performance’s from Jordan Robert Kirk, in studio, coming up next week!  For music and more on Jordan Robert Kirk, do the website thing at  We sure do appreciate you listening and watching these videos and keep listening to ANY music if it makes you smile!

THIS is Lubbock Country! 

Side note: Avenue Q is the new Milwaukee.

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