Lubbock Skyline View

“Top of the Town”.  That’s what I will call this place.  We work with what we can here in Lubbock.  There just aren’t many places here with a nice view.  It’s no ones fault but God’s.  We love our city and everything around it regardless of the view but sometimes, I feel like we need something that’s easy on the eyes.  Of course, there is Buffalo Lakes but I’m looking for something other than that.  If you look hard enough there are few spots here in town with some plant life, landscape and even a great view of the city!

In this video you can actually see some of the jumps.  The jumps that almost killed me back in the day.  This place feels secluded but really isn’t.  There are a ton of trees as well as a river that runs through.  Just don’t go near the water.  Seriously.  It’s fun to go back every now and then to see the it evolve.  Even though it has pretty much stayed exactly the same.  This little bike park has been here for at least 14 years.  There is a paintball fortress down there too!  The big wooden jump halfway up the big hill towards the end of the video has been modified horribly.  You’ll see me pointing in the video at this point. It’s because I am explaining how they angled the incredibly unsafe jump to where the landing is completely off of the trail!  Makes no sense at all.  The “big ass wooden jump” used to be about 30 feet higher than it is now and aligned perfectly with the trail.  It rested at the top of the hill for a long time but I guess someone tore it down.  Oh yeah and I’ll never buy another golf ball again because this place is right next to the golf course.

This place is not much I know, but it’s something.  As you can see in the video it really does have a nice view at sunset.  I think what I like about this spot is it has a city/middle of nowhere in the woods feel to it.  I can dig that!  If you can find it, you’ll love it and it’s likely you’ll see me and Carl running around somewhere.

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