ABC/Image Group LALuke Bryan has a packed schedule these days, between wrapping up this year’s Farm Tour and shooting the next season of American Idol. But he’s carving out some time to celebrate Halloween with his wife and kids, though he admits he doesn’t know what he’s going to go as.

Caroline picks the outfit every year, I have no choice,” Luke says of his wife. “I heard that it was feathery this year.”

“I’m doing makeup shows for the Farm Tour,” he continues. “I’m gonna fly in, do Halloween, and then I’ve got to go do Idol. So I’m gonna fly out late Halloween night.”

Every October 31, Luke and his family have a big block party.

“We have a perfect neighborhood for it,” he says, “and we do a big picnic, you know, a couple of hours before dark. All the parents get around, and the kids can tear the neighborhood down, so it’s pretty special. It’s a fun dynamic for us and we have a big time with it.”

If you follow Caroline on her socials, you probably already know she’s a big prankster — and Luke admits she’s already pulled a Halloween-style prank.

“My wife bought those little things where the witch taps on the glass,” he says. “So I’m at the house. I get home off the road, it’s like 12:15 at night. And I’m brushing my teeth, and I hear something go tap, tap, tap. And this witch, you stick it to the outside of your glass.”

“And I look up and there is a witch tapping! So that’s what my wife does to me during Halloween. Choked on my toothpaste!” Luke laughs.

Just last week, Luke released his follow-up to his number one, “Knockin Boots,” called “What She Wants Tonight.

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