Also, this guy sings in Spanish.  That’s always cool when done right.

When you should/shouldn’t speak Spanish (if you’re extremely white):

  • Should: Street vendors in Mexico.  Ask in English first, though.  Should not: The resort restaurant in Cancun.
  • Should: Singing a karaoke Spanish song.  Should not: Trying too hard to impress a girl  with an acoustic guitar, candle light, and a voice that can’t quite sing or speak Spanish.
  • Should: With friends of Mexican decent while in the Tejano club and they find it humorous that you are trying.  Should not: Of extremely white decent in the Tejano club in any other scenario besides the one I just described.

This dude nails it even though he falls in the “extremely white decent” category.  Not only does he sing a great song by the legendary Freddy Fender, he gets a new pair of boots from Ole Lukey.  Luke is likely to be a legend in his own right one day.

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