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Man Gets Back Prosthetic Leg Lost While Skydiving

Despite having only one leg, 39-year-old Dion Callaway  still enjoys jumping out of perfectly good airplanes. He loves skydiving and has had no trouble jumping – until recently, when he lost his prosthetic leg …10,000 feet in the sky.

Losing the leg was a big deal because it – of course – helps him get around. And, it cost $15,000.

Luckily, an employee at a local lumberyard found the leg and contacted the local Sheriff’s Department. Deputies put the word out about the leg with a social media blast and it didn’t take long for the message to reach Dion. His leg was safe.

Even with all the drama, Dion expects to continue skydiving with the goal of landing each time all in one piece from now on.

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