In Oregon, a man saw a house on fire across the street — and ran into that house to rescue his neighbor.

Donnie Goodell was hanging out with his family, making dinner, when his son, Egan, saw the smoke and flames and told his dad what was going on.

The sight was scary enough for Donnie to bolt from his own house to see if he could help.

When he got across the street, the owner of the burning house was disoriented and unable to get inside to find his wife because of the smoke. Donnie made the quick decision to make an attempt himself.

Donnie said he could hardly see what was going on in that house, but could feel the heat from the flames. Luckily, he heard the woman and was able to find her.

Donnie dragged her outside to safety before the fire trucks arrived.

All three involved  the husband, the wife and Donnie  were injured a bit because of the smoke. But all three have fully recovered, knowing that things would have been a lot worse if Donnie didn’t take the quick and brave action that he did.

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