Masterpiece Cakeshop Ruling Will Be Important

If you remember when the federal ruling came down that all 50 states will issue marriage licences to same sex couples, it was met with some blow back. Including a bakery that the owners decided to not provide a wedding cake for a same sex couple in Colorado.

This is the important thing, the owner of this bakery is saying that he declined service for religious purposes. We are now waiting for a supreme court ruling about who is in the right and it will forever define laws of service in out country.

What I found interesting is this social experiment from Steven Crowder.

He went to Muslim based bakeries and was turned away, for religious reasons. Which there are plenty of people who agree with Jack exercising his first amendment rights and this is why this ruling will be huge, it will either reinforce our religious freedoms or it will start defining them… which if we’re being honest is the main reason we left England to begin with.

Lots of people are standing with Jack.

Here’s how I feel about the Masterpiece Cakeshop case, and probably why I’m sitting here typing this and not sitting on the Supreme Courts bench.

Why is this taking up space in the courts? Here is how capitalism works, if someone refuses you service you can just go somewhere else and get your goods, because even if the did serve you, pretty sure you don’t want what they are offering. I will even give you a for example. When buying a wedding dress I knew that I didn’t want to go purchase from one of the box stores, because I had received terrible service there as a bridesmaid. Here’s a hint folks, if you want people to come back in, be nice to the bridesmaids… I didn’t want them to have my business, because I felt that they wouldn’t value me as a costumer. Why would you want to spend money somewhere on something so important and not feel valued? It’s beyond me.

So now because some one got their feelings hurt we are clogging up the Supreme Court, and we are also sitting on pins and needles seeing if the courts understand how this can redefine religious freedom…

What get’s me is this all over a cake… It’s just cake. A moment on the lips for ever on the hips. Then again this is all just me.



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