Listen to the stories of our Miracle Kids


Aubriauna – 2 years old

During the peak of last summer, 23-month old Aubriauna and another child were left in a vehicle by daycare workers after a field trip.  After 90 long minutes in the sweltering 96-degree heat, Aubriauna was   finally discovered and both children were unresponsive; the other child did not survive.  When Aubriauna arrived to the local hospital, her body temperature was 108.5 and she was immediately transported by    helicopter to UMC.  Upon her arrival, a cooling blanket purchased with CMN funds was used to help increase her survival chance. Aubriauna was placed in PICU with a slim chance of surviving.  She remained there in critical condition for 2 weeks and eventually began to improve.  She was then moved to the pediatric floor for another week before being discharged to a rehabilitation   center.

Incredibly, Aubriauna survived this horrible incident and shows little physical effect.  Developmentally, she is right on track for a 2 year old but has limited use of her left arm and hand.  With continued PT and OT, she is expected to make a full recovery.

Jaiyah, 8 years old

When Jaiyah was 3 years old, she began having terrible nosebleeds to the point that her bed would be blood soaked by morning time.  She was brought to UMC and diagnosed with Willebrand Disease, a life-long blood disorder that prevents the blood from clotting.  Jaiyah’s treatment includes regular infusions to assist with clotting.  To streamline the infusion process, she has had a port placed in her chest.  Unfortunately, the infusion used to treat her has created a hole inside of her nose.  This severe damage will cause Jaiyah to have her nose reconstructed later in life.

Jaiyah has already had numerous operations on her nose for the bleeding, including cauterization of her nose and repairing the hole.  She continues to receive infusions every 6 months to control the disease.  While there is no cure for Willebrand disease, Jaiyah’s medical prognosis and outlook are positive.

Rylie, Sophie and Zoie – 10 months old

Jack and Jennifer were ecstatic to learn that they were pregnant with triplets.  However, on April 30th at 26 weeks gestation, Jennifer knew she needed to get to UMC quickly.  Upon arrival, it was discovered that her issues were quite severe—she was experiencing critical and life-threatening health problems with her blood pressure and liver.  It was determined that the doctors needed to deliver the triplets via c-section immediately.  The three babies were delivered that same day.  Rylie weighed 1.14 lbs., Sophie weighed 1.9 lbs., Zoie weighed 1.12 lbs. The babies were rushed to NICU, where they spent the next 100+ days.

Today, at almost 10 months old, the girls are healthy and happy. They all weigh approximately 12 lbs. and are approximately 24    inches long.  They are very small for their age but continue to thrive.

Natalie – 8 years old

On June 14, 2017 near El Paso, Natalie was riding an UTV with    proper safety equipment when a truck hit her broadside.  While her injuries from the impact were severe, her most critical injuries were her burns due to the UTV bursting into flames after impact.   Natalie’s Dad, who is stationed in El Paso, pulled her from the vehicle and suffered burns to his wrists and hands as well.  Natalie was air lifted to UMC’s Timothy J. Harnar Regional Burn Center, where she would spend the next 80 days, for treatment.  Her injuries included 37% 2nd and 3rd degree burns as well as a traumatic brain injury, fractured hip and a fractured wrist. During her time at UMC, she endured 15      intense burn surgeries. She then went on to spend an additional 49 days in a rehab center.

Natalie still has a long road ahead of her—future surgical procedures, OT, PT and laser treatments to release her burn scars, but that does not slow down this tenacious 9 year old.  Sweet Natalie hopes to be a mentor in the future for other children going through injuries like hers.



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