Connor DwyerIf Sam Hunt‘s long-awaited new single, “Kinfolks,” seems familiar to you, the Georgia native is just fine with that. In fact, he sees the new music as an extension of two of his biggest hits.

“On the first record, I had a song called ‘House Party’ that I didn’t really know for sure if I was going to put on the record,” Sam admits. “And then it turned out to be one of our best live songs… We’ve had such a good reaction from that song.”

“And then ‘Body Like a Back Road,’ I was hesitant to put that out,” he confesses. “And it was kind of the same character, or the same perspective a little bit, and just sort of the playful, flirtatious guy, or a shade of kinda what I’d done.”

“And then that song did so well. I just leaned back into that.”

So “Kinfolks” is sort of “same character, different song.”

“I guess if you were to categorize ‘Kinfolks,’ it would fall in that same lane as those other two songs,” Sam explains. “That seems to be — as far as writing love songs — that seems to be the lane that I’m comfortable with, so that ‘Kinfolks’ fit that bill.”

Sam did manage to work a shout-out to his mom into the song. She’s the “Joanie” that’ll “leave us on a light” in “Kinfolks.”

Look for Sam’s follow-up to 2014’s triple-platinum Montevallo sometime after the first of the year. He’s hinting he’s planning a major tour for 2020 as well.

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