A message a family of three wrote and stuffed into a bottle lead to their rescue from a 40-foot waterfall after their backpacking trip in California went awry.

The family, which included a 13-year-old boy, planned to find a rope at the waterfall to climb down to reach their campsite.  When they got to the falls, there was no rope.  They were stranded on a very narrow part of the falls with no phone signal!

The family wrote a note with the date on a bar order slip, stuffed it into a green bottle they were carrying and tossed it into the falls, hoping someone would find the note. The note was thankfully found a quarter-mile upriver by two hikers who alerted rescuers.

The family was rescued hours after tossing the bottle.  The stranded family’s father wants to meet the hikers who found the message in a bottle and thank them personally.

Have you ever found a message in a bottle or a message hidden somewhere?

What essential items do you keep with you while hiking?

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