I wish I could still say “hot off the press” but I can’t so “hot off the internet” it is!  “Mr. Lonely” is the title and I definitely dig that.  It’s very “Make a Little” esque, which is not a bad thing,  I was just hoping for something completely different.  Midland strikes me as a group that wants to push the boundaries all while paying tribute to the past.  What I liked about “On the Rocks”, their debut album, is the fact that it paid tribute to the ones that came before them in the industry and the fact that in the process, Midland created their very own sound!  The production of that album alone was fantastic.  It’s cohesive, tells a story and with each story, (song) I feel as if I am bellied up under neon lights with an old jukebox, a dance floor, and an old memory that just won’t die.  Midland songs are exactly what country should be.  It’s reminiscent of old George Strait albums.  I have faith that their sophomore album will be the same.

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