ABC/Mark LevineFans who listen to Miranda Lambert‘s new album Wildcard can expect to hear the strong and sassy singer they know and love.  But Miranda notes that it’s important to grow as an artist and songwriter.

In an interview with the New York Timesthe superstar says that while the record doesn’t stray from her signature sound, she’s open to the idea of exploring new territory with future projects, including a true traditional country album. 

“I bought it back to straight down the middle Miranda Lambert. People want the humor, the sarcasm, something not too musically out there,” she describes of Wildcard. “And I get that. But would I love to just go off and make a stone-cold country record? Hell, yes. Maybe I will. You have to grow as an artist. I can’t sing ‘Mama’s Broken Heart’ when I’m 80 years old. That’d be weird.”

While the bold star is known for writing songs that pull from her own life such as “Heart Like Mine” and “Tin Man,” Miranda hopes to evolve as a songwriter and turn stories that she hasn’t experienced into song, using John Prine and Guy Clark as examples. 

“My goal is to get better at writing amazing stories that aren’t my own. But I’ve got to live more life and I’ve got to try way harder,” she says. “Until then, I’m just writing about my own [expletive]. Sorry, y’all!” 

Wildcard is set for release on Friday.

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