Missing Dog For Eight Years Finally Back Home

Eight years ago, the Hendry family suffered a heartbreaking loss when their dog, Jasper, had ran away from their home.

They searched for a long time, but eventually gave up hope, believing that Jasper was lost forever.

Well, all that changed when the Hendry family was recently reunited with Jasper who was found in Houston, Texas.

Jasper somehow made his way to an animal shelter in Houston. While there, the staff located his microchip and scanned it, learning about his connection to the Hendry family.

Some friends of the Hendrys happened to be visiting Houston and were able to deliver Jasper home to Louisiana, safe and sound.

The family says the dog still remembers them after all these years. And despite being apart for so long, things were back to normal very quickly one big happy family again. 



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