Mom Calls Fashion Police On Son

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A Florida mom in need of the fashion police to help her with her son’s necktie had to turn to the real police instead.

Diana Wicks got her son dressed up for a wedding they had to attend but then couldn’t figure out how to tie his tie. So with no one else to turn to, she drove to the sheriff’s office for help.

Diana parked outside and called 911. She explained to the dispatcher that her emergency wasn’t actually an emergency but she needed to know if there was officer inside who could come out and help put on her son’s tie.

Instead of giving Diana a lecture about how 911 is meant for real emergencies, an officer met them outside and was happy to help. She put the tie around her own neck and made a knot. Then, she put it on the young boy.

The dispatcher said the unusual call for help made her day and she was glad she was able to help.



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