Apparently, when it comes to keeping one’s kids off social media sites, money talks.  For proof, look no further than Motley, Minnesota, where a mother paid her 12-year-old son $1,800 to stay away from sites like Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. “I was already a little sensitive to social media since his siblings had struggled with it a bit,” says Lorna Klefsaas. “I watched social media cause stress, anxiety and hurt feelings in my other kids and I loved the idea of coming up with a way to spare Sivert from that.” Klefsaas says the amount she paid him reflected the age he was allowed to rejoin the sites: 18.

He celebrated the milestone on Saturday after six years off the social media radar.  While Sivert Klefsaas upheld his end of the bargain, he admits the deal sounded a lot better to him when he was 12 years old. “When I was 12, I thought $1,800 was a lot of money,” he says. “There were definitely times where I wanted to crack.There were times I missed out on inside jokes or TikTok trends, but I found ways to be informed. My friends would eventually fill me in.”


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