Movie of the Week: Little Evil

Rated: NR

Genre: Horror/Comedy

Starring: Adam Scott, Evangeline Lilly, Owen Atlas

Guest Starring: Sally Field

Directed/Written by: Eli Craig

Available on Netflix


I truly enjoy a good horror/comedy film.  I am a fan of both genre’s and Little Evil is the best of both worlds.  Horror films can be stressful.  Adding comedy to the mix takes that stress away for just the right amount of time before Lucifer comes back into the mix.  It makes for a great combination.

Little Evil is a movie about family, love and the Antichrist.  That’s right, the Antichrist.  In this hysterical horror flick, Gary (Adam Scott) jumps into a marriage with the woman of his dreams, Samantha (Evangeline Lilly).  He gets way more than he bargains for with her son Lucas (Owen Atlas).  Gary moves in with her and immediately takes on the step-dad role.  He tries bonding with the kid but is having trouble doing so.  Slowly but surely, Gary begins to notice things about Lucas that are not normal.  Like the fact that evil things just happen when Lucas is around.  For example, teachers throwing themselves from classroom windows when Lucas says “go to hell”.  You know, fun things like that.  His new wife is in denial that Lucas has some serious issues.  Come to find out, Samantha went through a “phase” in her twenties and Lucas was conceived through a Satanic ritual.  Being the young, naive girl that Samantha was at the time, she didn’t realize what really happened.  Gary does some research and finds out that Lucas is the Antichrist.  The son of Satan.  The evil one.  All kinds of hilarious and scary things happen throughout this movie, it’s great.  The rest of the funny people in this movie are introduced in the therapy group Gary is forced to attend because of something Lucas did at school.  It’s a great cast with a great script and I think you are going to dig it, or hate it.  I liked it and that’s ultimately what matters. 😀

On a side not, I write about movies that I like.  Not to reach out to a certain demographic.  I know that if I like it, there’s at least one other person out there that will like it just as much

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