Been in Radio for 13 years                                                          Morning show for almost 10 years

Was once an Auto Transfusionist                                             Have touched 49 states

Sang in a 50’s band                                                                      Have visited 6 different countries

Has Performed in Russia at the Palace of Congress              Have my Motor Cycle & CDL license

Made a hole in one in golf                                                           Close call with the LA Riots

Had a inch x ½ inch hole in my thigh bone before being surgically repaired

Spent a summer in Hawaii                                                           I’ve had 2 concussions

Was in a 7.8 Earthquake                                                              Had to Escape a Burning Hotel in Russia

Spent the night in a Bat cave                                                      Pizza is my favorite food

Went 2 miles out in the ocean on a Kayak

Narrowly escaped death from a 18 wheeler when its back load tipped over right in front of me on loop

Witnessed a lady having a heart attack in a Clown Outfit

Once thought I won a million dollars in Ruidoso                   Favorite Vacation Spot; Maui

I like working on “certain” carpentry work                            Big Texas Tech Fan

Once had to “sort of” talk a guy out of committing suicide

Has the only Bocuzzi in the country                                         Favorite Band; Zac Brown Band

Has Co-Written a Romance Novel  – “The Shadow Of Mudflap”

A-Z of Mudflap

[A] Available: Never.
[B] Best concert: Zac Brown Band
[C] Current clothing: Whatever I got for Christmas
[D] Dirty little secret: I like Art
[E] Eat at the most: Chic Fil A
[F] Favorite band: Zac Brown Band
[G] Gummy bears or worms: Bears
[H] Hometown: Tulsa, OK
[I] If I weren’t in radio: Basketball coach
[J] Junk food: Hamburgers or Pizza
[K] Killer radio moment: George Strait wanting my Mudflap Bobble Head
[L] Listen to me: Mornings
[M] Music to chill to:  Jazz & Classical
[N] Number of siblings: 1 brother
[O] One wish: Live in Hawaii
[P] Person you’d love to meet:
[Q] Quantum Physics: Great Band
[R] Reason to smile: my family
[S] Start in radio:  2002.
[T] Time you wake up: 4:30 am
[U] Underrated band: The Convertibles
[V] Vacation: Greece or Hawaii
[W] Website you rely on: Yahoo, Social Media Sites
[X] X-rays you’ve had: s
[Y] Your favorite country artists:  Harry Connick Jr
[Z] Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Recently Played

Checking InFor King & Country (Feat. Lee Bric
Bottoms UpBrantley Gilbert
CowgirlsMorgan Wallen Ft. Ernest
AaWalker Hayes
TexasGeorge Strait

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