New Year New Resolve


The whirlwind of the Christmas holidays and New Year’s have come and gone; and I’m pretty sure that many of you sat down and made a resolution to change a few things in the new year. It’s okay we all do this, in fact given the way society acts its totally expected.

In fact this is so common that there are a few resolutions that make lists every year. For example: lose weight, stop smoking, enjoy life more, etc…

I however took a road less traveled.

This year with the CrossFit Games Open nearing I decided to start a year long journey of discovery. I want to see what myself and my body are really capable of when I start to buckle in and take care of business the way it needs to be taken care of.

On the 15th of this month I will be celebrating a 2 year CrossFit anniversary. This will be the longest that I have ever stuck with a fitness program outside of school sports when I was a volleyball player in high school.

I will never forget my first day at CrossFit… No CrossFitter forgets their first day testing out CrossFit. First off you’re scared of what you might encounter, you’re scared of the people you might be going up against as a newbie on your first day, but on the flip side of that you will be excited to see what time, effort and great coaching can get you to do.

In fact my WOD partner who started the same morning I did were talking about our first morning the other day. We went through the warm up and once we were finished we both were kind of done… then we realized that we still had a workout to do. WHAT?!?

He doesn’t remember the workout, but I will never forget it.

In 12 minutes complete as many rounds as possible of 5 push-ups, 10 sit-ups, and 15 air squats.

It doesn’t sound hard, but I will never forget looking up at the clock that was counting down time after I had finished 4 or 5 rounds thinking times almost up I bet, I still had like 6 or 7 minutes. And I was tired, but that didn’t mean I was finished. I was sore for days after that. DAYS I TELL YOU! OVER BODY WEIGHT EXERCISES!!!

That February was the open and I decided to not compete. I was still just getting a feel for what was going on.

Then a year passed.

I saw myself getting stronger, and having more endurance and doing things I never imagined. Then this last year I competed in my first Open and I was suddenly scared all over again. Then I realized it was my first Open and I needed to use it as a gauge of where I’m at and how to get better. This go around is where I work to throw my hat in the proverbial ring.

Last year I had to walk away with a few things that weren’t really tangible on paper… things that can’t be counted as reps or put on a score card.

Like after fighting to get decently weighted overhead squats, I finally nailed the technique down! FINALLY!!!


(If you are wondering… no I don’t have any makeup on in this photo and I’m okay with that)

I’ve also accomplished a thing or two, like a 215 back squat and a 275 deadlift. movements that I could always do, but I never believed I could handle the amount of weight that I am. Now I’m working to get into the 300 club which is a big milestone club for women… and I want in!


(This is my actual deadlift bar)

After a year of 5 days a week with me and my WOD buddy every morning I realized that I have made a friend or 50 along the way. My CrossFit community is awesome and I love them for that!

CrossFit 1


So for now I’m eating right and I’m working two times a day to make sure I’m ready to go and I can challenge and chase my limits! The first week of The Open will be February 25th. It will be interesting to see what happens.



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