Fans of the Kansas City Chiefs football team are excited about the performance of Mecole Hardman Jr. at his first training camp.

But, Mecole is also excited to be a rookie in the NFL because it allowed him to fulfill a lifelong dream of buying his mom, Danyell, a new house.

Mecole says he’s been dreaming of doing this for his mom since he was eight years old.

The gift had an even bigger impact on the family than normal, considering Danyell had to deal with a brain tumor scare in 2013, during which Mecole rarely left her side.

After Danyell regained her strength and good health, Mecole continued to pursue his dream of playing football.

And all that hard work and dedication by everyone involved finally paid off, as Danyell moved into her new home — and Mecole made a new promise, telling his mom that it was once again his turn to take care her now.

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