The Nineties The Last Great Decade

In an age where the world is ruled by snapchat filters, devices and now fidget spinners, I have been left to wonder were the Nineties the last great decade?

CNN is now airing a series about the 90’s and let me just say that it brings back some amazing memories. Everything from stylish denim, to the music, to the tv shows. The 90’s were awesome!

After destroying my mind with a story about well… This!

Yes… Some woman had the bright idea to glue pasties to fidget spinners and then attach said pasties in their appropriate places, to bring the world Fidgetiddies.

I was left stunned for multiple reasons. The first being, what made this woman look at a fidget spinner and think I should attach these to my boobs? Secondly, why would you want too? And lastly, is this how how bad the attention spans in this world have gotten? Can this poor woman not get any attention without attaching a fidget spinner to her for some one to play with?

Stunned and depressed about what the world has come too… Fidgetitties, hello?!?… I decided to try and find some solace in twitter. Crazy I know, but this is what I ended up finding: #THE90SWERETHEBESTBECAUSE

If you think that you are the only sane person left on the planet, who thinks that things like fidget spinners are asinine. Well, then I invite you to follow along.

Anyway, you get the idea. Lots of people think that the 90’s were a pretty awesome decade in time. You know back when Will Smith was still the Fresh Prince and you could wish with all your might that you went to a school like Bayside. Renting a movie was a cool thing. No one needed to be told what “Be Kind Rewind” means. The tears that came from a scratched CD and the notes you passed in math class with your friends.

Needless to say sometimes if your wondering you can take to Twitter for comfort.



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