Memory Lane may have dropped less than a year ago, but Old Dominion is already ready to roll out new music from a forthcoming project.

“Yeah, that’s the way it goes these days, right?” lead singer Matthew Ramsey tells ABC Audio. “We’re putting out a song. But we are working on more music, but we do have a brand new song coming just in a couple weeks. So very excited. It’s the best song we’ve ever done.” 

“He plays the harmonica,” Brad Tursi reveals. “Yeah, I do play the harmonica on it,” Matthew says. “My harmonica debut. We’re going to have a harmonica-off with Chris Janson after this is all over.”

Surprised Matthew could play the harmonica? You’re not alone.

“We didn’t even know he could play it. We’ve been hanging out with this guy for decades now, and someone said, ‘Let’s try a harmonica on the song.’ And Matthew was like, ‘Yeah, get me a harmonica.’ And then, yeah, it was amazing,” the group’s Geoff Sprung recalls. 

“I used to play it a lot, but now I don’t anymore. But now I guess I do every night again,” adds Matthew, before Brad exclaims, “Get ready!” 

Memory Lane is Old Dominion’s latest album, and features the Megan Moroney-assisted “Can’t Break Up Now” and the chart-topping title track.

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