Pet Leasing Is “A Thing”, But BEWARE!

t hasn’t hit Amarillo or Lubbock yet, but pet leasing is becoming a thing nationwide and in some pockets of Texas.  Be forewarned, not matter how adorable that puppy is, pet leasing is no more than “predatory, unethical, high-interest financing plans offered by some pet sellers like pet stores and websites selling puppies” according to the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®).  The Federal Trade Commission has now issued a warning about pet leasing,   California, Nevada and New York have already banned pet leasing, and other states are following, but so far the practice is still legal in Texas.  For example, KPRC 2 tv in Houston investigated complaints about a store in that area named “Pets R Us”, and found a family who leased an English bulldog named Moose.  They realized AFTER they signed that Moose will end up costing them over 7,600 dollars by the time the lease agreement is paid.  If they default, Moose gets repossessed.  See more of the KPRC report including other stories of people who’ve leased pets, here:

So here’s the question; now that you know this information, would you ever considering leasing a puppy….no matter how cute the puppy is, or how much your little boy or girl LOVES the puppy?   Just one final thought.  There are hundreds  of puppies and older dogs sitting in cages right now in Lubbock and Amarillo animal shelters…..and they don’t come with balloon payments.



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