Plea For Pizza Stuns Hospital Staff


The staff at a children’s hospital  were recently treated to surprise pizza party  courtesy of a grateful patient and a thoughtful community.

18-year-old Cole Favro has been a patient at the hospital his entire life to treat his cystic fibrosis. Now that he’s 18, it’s time to move to an adult hospital.

Favro says it’s been hard spending so much time at the hospital, but the staff has made it great and he loves his caregivers. So, he wanted to do something nice for them.

He painted a message on his 8th floor window which read, “SEND PIZZA. 8 SOUTH RM14.” By the next day, 18 pizzas had been delivered from area restaurants.

Favro then invited the entire staff to a pizza party, for which they were extremely grateful. He then changed the message on his window to read, “Thank you.”

He said, “It feels really nice that there’s a community around, looking out for everybody and helping people in the hospital like me.”

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