Punishment For Bullying. Smart, Or Mean?

Check out the video and Inside Edition story from You Tube. Or have you already seen it? Millions have. The simple story is that a little 10 year old boy in Virginia was bullying someone so badly, he was thrown off the school bus. So the father of the boy thought that making his son run to school (about a mile) for a week would be a good teaching moment. If you watch the video, it’s also interesting to hear what the father says, and how he talks about his son. He certainly seems to want his son to learn and grow from this. I’m just wondering if it might be a stronger teaching AND bonding moment if the father ran with him. Just a thought. But on the other hand, the father wasn’t the one being punished for bullying someone on a bus.

What do you think about this method. Smart, or mean?



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