Random News of the Day

Here is your random news of the day.

Take A Hike


Today is national take a hike day… I’m sure to go celebrate all the awesomeness that the outdoors has to offer when the leaves are changing. Given our current cold wind situation I think I will stay inside and do those visualization technique things, and visualize myself hiking.


Turkey Hotline


If you have questions concerning the butterball this holiday, never fear! There is a hotline that will answer all of your turkey related questions. Unfortunately they can’t tell you how to get your in laws out of your house quicker, but they can help you make sure you have the perfect holiday turkey in your house. Just call 1-800-BUTTERBALL (1-800-288-8372). I also like Alton Brown’s tips on the perfect turkey. He’s kinda like a walking encyclopedia of food knowledge. Just remember big Turkey’s take a little preparation and some time.


Website Will Handle Nitty Gritty

Broken Heart

No one likes a breakup, especially guys…. and it looks like there is now a website to handle it for them. I know ladies we now have to be ware of websites… At least you will know how much he cared by what type of break up he paid for. The Breakup Shop will offer certain services for various fees.

For $10 they will send a break up text.

For $20 you will receive a boiler plate break up letter. I’m sure this falls along the lines of “It’s not you its me” and “I need some space”

For $30 the girl could receive a “custom” break up letter, or a phone call.

I’m just glad that they aren’t offering to charge for the break up post it.


Snapchat is Now Charging

Lots of us have loved those specialty filters on Snapchat that lets you vomit rainbows, or have a nightmare face… It looks like if you want to use these specialty filters now its gonna come with a cost. 99 cents to be exact. So now if you want to use one of the 26 specialty filters your gonna have to pony up.


That’s your random news of the day.



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