Red Raiders Alums Introduces Toddi Vodka
National Vodka Day is coming and Jeff, Mudflap & the Gang have invited Allison & Jennifer onto the show to talk about dumping “the vodka from Austin” and supporting Red Raider Alumni!
Identical twins and seventh-generation Texans Allison Love and Jennifer Ritz announced today the launch of Toddi Vodka, bottled by hand in Granbury, Texas.
The twins grew up riding horses, swimming in Texas rivers, and perfecting the art of having a good time. Growing up with a large family, it was, and still is, a tradition to have a 5:00 drink, a.k.a. “Toddi Time.” When they put their heads together in 2019 on how to bring their spirit to fellow Texans, they came up with Toddi Vodka.
Jennifer and Allison are both Red Raiders, and for further Texas Tech info, Allison’s husband Doug is an alum, and Jennifer’s husband, Rudy, is a professor in the Davis College of Ag Sciences as well as a Tech alum!
Both Jennifer’s and Allison’s oldest kids are attending Texas Tech. Talk about all in the family!

Produced in a newly built 65,000-square-foot facility on 114 acres at the Love’s Long Creek Distillery in Granbury, Toddi Vodka is distilled six times to create a premium spirit.

“This is a sippable, balanced vodka that is smooth by itself or easygoing in your favorite cocktail,” said Love, co-owner of Toddi Vodka.
Produced using only 100% non-GMO, American-grown corn, Toddi vodkas are naturally gluten- free and made with all-natural ingredients. Available in four flavors, Toddi Small Batch Vodka (unflavored) is sugar-free, and Toddi Lemon Lime Vodka, Toddi Vanilla Cream Vodka, and Toddi Mint Vodka are low in sugar.

“It was important to us that our product is as amazing on the inside as it is on the outside,” noted Ritz, co-owner of Toddi Vodka. “We created eye-catching labels that speak to our deep Texas roots, but we also fill our bottles with premium vodka. We’re proud of providing such exceptionally crisp, clean spirits.”

Each label features artwork they call “Toddi Otomi,” featuring nods to Texas, such as an armadillo, a prickly pear cactus, and a silhouette of the Lone Star State.

Toddi Vodka has teamed up with distributor Ben E. Keith and is now available for purchase in retail locations in Lubbock, Texas.
“We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with Allison, Jennifer and the entire Toddi family,” said TJ Samuelson, the Texas Spirits Manager for Ben E. Keith Beverages. “We value and appreciate their Texas roots and are very eager to begin connecting retailers and consumers with their suite of products throughout the state in the weeks ahead.”
“Most people who’ve spent time with us say we’re unforgettable,” said Ritz. “We hope you’ll think our vodka is, too. Drink up, y’all!”
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