ABC/Mark LevineThere’s new music coming from Sam Hunt “in about a month or so,” and “a new record coming out first of the year.”

That’s what the “Body Like a Back Road” hitmaker  said Thursday night during his Calgary, Alberta appearance on the Bud Light Dive Bar Tour.

Toward the end of his set, Sam went on to unveil “something from the new record,” which he describes as “kinda chill and slow”: the new tune “Sinnin’ with You.”

“I never felt like I was sinnin’ with you/Always felt like I could talk to God in the morning/I knew that I would end up with you/Always felt like I could talk to God in the morning,” he sings on the new track.

“If it’s so wrong, why did it feel so right/If it’s so wrong why’d it never feel like sinnin’ with you,” the chorus finishes.

You can watch Sam’s entire Bud Light Dive Bar show on YouTube. You’ll find “Sinnin’ with You” 53 minutes into the show.

“Downtown’s Dead,” Sam most recent single, peaked at #16 in July of 2018. His only full-length studio album, the multi-platinum Montevallo, came out five years ago next month.

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