Samson: A Film Written By TTU Alum Jason Baumgardner

Jason Baumgardner is a name you may want to keep in mind.  He’s a triple threat.  Writer, director, and editor.  The dude knows whats up.  I’m really hoping he doesn’t read this blog.  Poor punctuation, spelling and everything else.  Don’t judge me Jason.  Anyway,  I had the opportunity to have a great conversation with Jason about his movie “Samson” yesterday (Feb. 14th) and it was beyond interesting.  As you know, I am a bit of a movie buff.  So I am excited to see this movie, not only because it is written by a local guy, but also because it looks fantastic.  Billy Freakin’ Zane is in this movie!  That dude is awesome!

For obvious reasons, I usually watch movies before I recommend them, but there’s no need to watch then blog with this one.  I know it will be worth your time and money.  You have to see Samson!

Remember, if it’s local, support it!  Samson is in theaters beginning tomorrow (Feb. 16th).

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