The San Diego Gun Buyback

assault rifle bullet 5.56 mm

Some of you might be seeing headlines about a recent gun buyback in San Diego being so successful that police were turning people away.

So here are a few things you need to know. They only were able to buy back 164 weapons and they were giving people Walmart gift cards for their guns. Amounts were $150 for hand guns and rifles and $250 for assault rifles. Also this is so ridiculous I don’t know where to begin.

I’m not trying to down play the good that many feel things like this do.

However, I will say I won’t give the government my guns to destroy, I also won’t give them my guns for that type of money. The only thing that you might make some money off of by letting the cops buy back is a stock Ruger 10/22. I got one on sale for $120.

In fact in the days after the Texas Church shooting I had a former professor propose the buyback question. Which I look at here. But I would like to expand the discussion and pretend for one second that you really want to hear what I have to say about these buy back programs.

The San Diego model is what I’ve seen multiple times across the country. You get a Walmart gift card plus or minus $100 for handguns and rifles, more money for the dreaded assault rifles *cough*cough* armalite rifles *cough*cough*. First if you want to sit and have a real conversation with me about buying back my guns, then you will have to understand that there has to be a point where you stop flipping me the bird and stealing my guns, under the guise that you made a fair trade. If this is a true buy back, let’s talk actual prices here.

The pink gun that my hubby is holding is mine. This gun is a customized Ruger 10/22. I took a stock model Ruger that I found at Academy for $120. I then kept the firing mechanism and tossed the rest of the gun. The stock I purchased for another $100. It has a telescoping butt pad which means you can adjust it to fit you needs. There are also two little compartments that will hold 2 spare 10 round clips. So that makes the cost of this gun $220 so far. I then purchased a custom pink/ purple ombre dipped bore barrel to add to the gun. That cost me $250. So now the cost of this gun is up to $470. Then let’s talk about the scope that I put on this gun. I went with a Nikon, because their glass is the best for the price, and I straight up don’t have money for Zweiss, or Leupold. So, that’s another $150. Total cost of this gun is $620. Which given the modifications I made is not terrible.

That cute little pink gun is $620 with all it’s modifications… and you want to talk to me about a $150 gift card to Walmart, for my custom $620 gun. Ha!

Here is the thing, with these buy back programs, you are going to have to get serious with your offerings. If you want my gun you will have to offer me what I put into it at the very least, if you aren’t doubling the money that I put into it.

Because the fact is I can sell my gun in a buyer to buyer transaction and get what I ask, within reason. Which makes the purpose of your gun buyback null and void, right? It doesn’t pull a gun off the streets, instead it keeps it there, except it is in someone else’s hands.

People keep talking about these great ideas, but the fact of the matter is you have to motivate sellers, and for many gun owners $150 to Walmart isn’t going to do it.





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