Shaquille O’Neal never forgot about a good deed someone did for him when he was 18. Now, almost 30 years later, he finally paid it forward to another teen in a very big way.

The NBA Hall of Famer says he remembers when he was 18 and couldn’t find loafers in a size 18 to wear to his prom. He was eventually contacted by the owner of a shoe store in Atlanta who hooked him up with a free pair of shoes in a size-18 and Shaq has been shopping at his store ever since.

Recently, Shaq  who now wears a size 23, heard about a 13-year-old basketball player facing the same problem. Zach Keith says he couldn’t afford sneakers in a size 18, so Shaq invited him and his mother to meet up with him at the Atlanta shoe store.

Shaq surprised Zach with not one, but 10 new pairs of shoes. Shaq says he saw the similarities between him and Zach and did it because he “thought this was a good thing to do.”

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