Should This Bridge Pusher Be Arrested? WARNING: DISTURBING VIDEO!

Take a look at this video from last week in the state of Washington.  Understand that this bridge is 60 feet high, and for years kids have dared each other to jump or dive off.  Many have successfully landed, others not so fortunate.  In this situation though, the girl you see is with a group of people who begin counting down, and a person from behind gives her a hard push, sending her flailing into the water below.  She did survive, but with multiple broken ribs and a punctured long.  The girl is Jordan Holgerson, 16 years old and will thankfully recover.  However it’s obvious that the shove threw her so far out of control that she could’ve broken her neck, hit her head, and even drowned.  She was standing on the ledge, but telling the people around her that she didn’t want to jump.  We don’t know if the kid who pushed her had malicious intent, or just committed a ridiculously stupid act.  Please take our KLLL Instapoll and let us know what you think;

Should this bridge PUSHER face criminal charges?

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