Something To Sneeze At… (OR COUGH)!

Oh goody. The “nightmare bacteria” is here, and spreading. Yep. The CDC says the nightmare bacteria is resistant to antibiotics. Scientists have known this would happen for years. Now it’s in 27 states. Other than that…isn’t it a lovely day!!!!!???!!??

Armed with this not so peachy information, I have no choice other than to blurt out something I’ve held inside for many many months, on many occasions. It is NOT personal if you’re not the guilty party. It’s VERY personal if you ARE the guilty party. STOP SNEEZING AND COUGHING ON ME, DANG IT! I’ve HAD IT! (Deep breath now. Calm….calm….ooommmmmm)

To continue; about 5 or 6 years ago someone attached to me, a sign visible only to certain random, thoughtless strangers. It says: PLEASE SNEEZE OR COUGH ON ME! And the sign is no doubt working. I’ve been sneezed on at a Tech baseball game…riding a ski lift….in the grocery line and at church. I’ve been coughed upon by a pharmacist, an adorable little girl, an in studio guest and even my dog. And when the ruthless offenders can’t sneeze or cough on ME, they sneeze into my grocery bags, or into the frozen food section I was planning to reach into. STOP IT!! My name is Kelli, not “gentle tissue”! And furthermore, learn to sneeze and cough correctly…into crook of your arm, not open air! Bacteria from one sneeze can hang in the air for over 45 minutes! Again. This is not directed at you unless you are guilty.

Deep breath again. If you are not a guilty party, but a victim of some strangers’ cough or sneeze, would you say something to them? On Tuesday I wanted to tell a man, “please quit coughing into my grocery bags”, but I didn’t. Would you?



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