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Study: Dog Owners Take More Pics of their Pets than their Partners

Beautiful Tiny Chihuahua Dog Dressed Up In Frog Outfit, Staying Outdoor In Spring

Dog owners take more photos of their pets than of their significant others, a new study reveals.

In a survey of 54 million U.S. dog owners, 65 percent admitted to snapping more pics of their pooches than of their human partners. And half of them confessed they’d rather spend a week away from their lover than a week away from their dog, according to

“Dog people are deeply concerned about their dog’s feelings and well-being,” says’s Brandie Gonzales. “And we’re seeing that reflected in everything from how people name their dog to what they feed them, and the type of pet care they prefer.”

Do you know anyone who’s a little too close to his or her pet?

If you looked in your phone right now, who would you find the most pictures of?

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