My Take On Harvey: Why You Can Help or Shut Your Cake Hole

As many of you know Hurricane Harvey has hit the coast of Texas and it is more devastating than we had planned. There are many people that had ridden out the bad weather in that part of the state that found they weren’t able to do that this time. Instead they were leaving everything and coming back to nothing.

Right now the comparison is how does Harvey compare to Katrina? Here is the fact of the matter in my world… It doesn’t matter. There are Texans needing help, and the entire state is banding together in whatever way we can to help. The amount of calls, DM’s and more that I am getting tell me that everyone wants to help. In fact I have come across mostly love when it comes to the Texas Coast, with an exception or two.

I have a cousin that likes to post the wrong thing at the wrong time. After seeing a particular post, I noticed that there were several other friends posting that people needed to stop with some of the hate that was spewing out of people in light of recent events.

I have decided to leave out names to protect the ignorant, but if you find yourself posting these types of things right now, just know I’m putting you on blast too.

So this is the post that my cousin shared from a democratic socialist page who I have decided to not give the publicity.

Let me just say that this flew all over me! ALL OVER ME!!! Once I calmed down I realized that this is referencing the aspect of a government issuing goods and service to those in need. This is the most simplistic and broad stroked definition of Socialism and one that I think is used all to often, but that is another discussion.

Okay. Whew! Not terrible… Not the terming I would have picked, given the current standing of our country and what is going on politically. Smartest move? No I think not… Which I find ironic coming from someone who is a professor and holds multiple degrees.

Then I looked at the comments… Never look at the comments… But it was too late.

Here is the only comment that was on this post that my cousin decided to share.

Once again I had to take a deep breath, because I wanted to lay into this unwitting boob, who thinks that in the midst of all this is the best time to be making political commentary instead of looking at the example that Texans are setting for the entire country. Because let’s face it ladies and gentlemen we are. We are banding together to help each other… We don’t care about what statue you like, or what color your skin is, what religion you hold near and dear to your heart, or what flag you want to fly. We don’t care about your place with in the socio-economic class, pretty much anything… all we want to know is do you need help.

So I got to thinking about it and here is the best way to fight against this type of divisive  hatred, because that is what it is. It is placed out there to keep a rift with in the country, fight it people. Fight it hard!

First, Texans keep doing what your doing, helping each other, no one can help a Texan better than a Texan. In fact make sure you go check out how Texas based HEB is cooking up food for everyone. This grocery store rolled out miles and I do mean MILES of trucks just for responders and victims, with supplies, food, water and a kitchen that they are firing up to provide warm meals.

Secondly, this is the important part, fight their claims with actual knowledge. I know when it comes to crap like this the first thing I want to do is get on social media and type in “How about you shut that gaping hole in the middle of your mouth and stop wasting oxygen”… While yes I might feel better, it is a short sided response.

So instead I have decided to fight this with knowledge and hopefully pass along somethings that you can help squelch the nay sayers when you come across some.

So this “enlightened” individual wants to talk about the hypocrisy of Texas Congressional members, so let’s look at the facts.

Katrina hit land in August of 2005 that was 12 years ago. According to (an official government site that keeps track of what congress does and who serves) there were 435 representatives in Congress. 201 were Democrat, 233 were sitting as Republicans, and there was 1 Independent. George W Bush was President at the time. The Congressional Session was called early so that representatives could vote on the aid to be rendered to those affected by Katrina. H.R. 3645 (PL 109-61) was passed by the house, and then passed by unanimous consent in the senate. UNANIMOUS… I just want to emphasize that part.

All the while Texas had opened itself up to a quarter of a million evacuees, and that isn’t counting the people that left before the storm hit. That is just the number of people that Texas bused to shelters. Texas worked to have speedy school enrollment for kids that were displaced by Katrina. Texas also worked to get the evacuees enrolled on government programs like food stamps, and got them access to health care, along with numerous other government programs. Texas even housed sports teams until they could safely return home.

So to say that Texas legislators are hypocrites is a far cry. If nothing else, Texas is cashing in on that time that they payed if forward.

Despite that vile bit of bile I’ve seen come across my feed, here is what I really do know. Texas is a state that will always lend a hand when it is necessary, and I couldn’t be more proud to call a state my home.

So today leave with this keep showing love, compassion and a helping hand, because fellow Texans I truly believe that we are setting a tone that, no matter what happens in the rest of the country, will hopefully catch fire. I believe that this will be the start of some resolve within this country. So keep doing what your doing and keep spreading that helping hand and the character that is to help ones neighbors, that Texans seem to know best.

Lots of Love from Lubbock and everyone stay Houston Strong!




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