Takes All Types

Like my Grandmother always said, “It takes all types of people to make this world go round.”

When the weather starts getting colder I have found out that there really are just 3 types of people in the world. Now the question is which are you?

There are the basic people who like fluffy sweaters and everything that has the word “Pumpkin” in it, but have an affinity for the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte. You know these girls. They usually come with a pair of tights and Ugg boots to go with that PSL… Yikes! I just said PSL…


I for the record am not this person. While I enjoy the cooler weather of fall. I like the fact that I can justifiably wear hoodies, sit around a blazing fire at night and fall usually means that hunting season is about to kick off with bow season!

I also don’t like pumpkin. I know sacrilege… I have never been fond of the flavoring, so pumpkin spice doesn’t sound appetizing in the least bit.

On the flip side I kind of hate the fall because my allergies are the worst and make me want to claw my eyes out, because the continuously itch, no matter what I do. URGH!

This brings me to the second person that we see lots of at this time of year. I like to call him Jack… as in Jack O’Lantern. Ha!

These are usually the people that are obsessive over Halloween. They usually like all things that go bump in the night and plan their Halloween costume months in advance.



I am not this person, because I like candy, but I don’t want to dress up for it. I also enjoy a good bit of role play, but walking around a lot to collect said candy, is not my idea of a fun time. I would rather get into my comfy pants, open up my bag of candy, and watch Hocus Pocus on my couch, with some wine and my husband of course!

However, even though I am not one of these people, I am thankful for these people, cause they through a hella good Halloween bash!

Next is the elf among us… or at least the person who believes they are an elf.

These are the people who think that November is not soon enough to decorate for Christmas. They love all things red, and green and magical.


I will say that I come the closest to being this type of person, but the people I am talking about are extreme, they love that Hobby Lobby has their Christmas decor out with the school supplies in August.

While yes I love Christmas I am not this person. I enjoy decorating and shopping for friends and loved ones for the holiday, but I have a hard time justifying decorating before Thanksgiving.

Then again this could just be me and my up bringing. It was always a tradition that the Friday after Thanksgiving we set up the Christmas Tree and decorated the house. Things that I have done up into adulthood.

Some of us grew up in house holds that celebrated each holiday in grand fashion… The only holiday that I remember going all out for was Christmas.

But it’s just like my grandmother said, “It takes all types of people to make this world go round.”



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