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Teens Accept Cell Phones Challenge For Free Meal


A group of high school kids in California are praising an anonymous man who picked up their post-prom meal but also taught them a valuable lesson.

The 11 friends left their prom and went to a restaurant to get a bite to eat. While they were at the table, a waiter told them that someone had offered to pay for their meal with on stipulation: they had to agree to enjoy a meal without using their phones.

The teens were up for the challenge and they all handed their phones over to the waiter who held onto them.

At the end of the night, one of the kids told their mother about what went on and she wrote about it on Facebook and praised the mystery man for showing the kids “you can have a really good time without technology.”

She added, “The great part about this story is that my daughter said they talked the whole night without distractions and said it was a blast. The anonymous gentleman came to their table while he was leaving and told them they were a beautiful group and that it brought back memories of his time when he was younger.”

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