Texan Talk: “Dudn’t It”

As Texans, we have to sharpen our skills in knowing how to modify words or phrases to make it easier on ourselves.  Everyone does this, but not as well as Texans.  No matter how ridiculous we sound!  Petey Pete from our sister station 104.9 The Beat, and I went over the way Texans just kind of change the English language.  “Dudn’t matter”, “do what?” (if you’re not guilty of this one then I salute you!), and my Lord, how could we forget “fixin’ to”.  Where the hell did the word “fixin'” even come from?!  “I am about to” is obviously the correct way to say this.  We basically replaced “about” with “fixin”!

Let’s see if we can break this down a little.  “Fixin'”.  Maybe deriving from “fixing”.  Like fixing the toilet.  If that is the case it makes even less sense!  I give up.  You figure it out!

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There are a ton of these Texan words and phrases but I don’t want to get that deep into this blog today.  Sorry, perhaps another time.:D

No matter what anyone says about the words you say and how much they DON’T make sense you just go on tell them “Screw you, I’m from Texas”.  That actually probably won’t help your case at all but you should own it anyway!

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